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We want everyone to know: we are taking our current situation very seriously and want to be extremely clear in our messaging about the dire importance of avoiding running in popular areas, especially on trails, and/or any location(s) where you might contribute to crowding or fail to properly maintain social distancing guidelines (please read Safety Guidelines section below.)

PLEASE be responsible and remember treadmills, stairs, and roads get the job done too; if over-crowding is becoming an issue on trails, or you can’t maintain social distancing, JUST DON’T GO!

How it works

Starting with Loowit on Monday, April 13th the goal will be for participants to rack up the equivalent elevation gain of the featured mountain either from sea to summit OR from trailhead to summit, OR run the equivalent mileage to the classic trails that circumnavigate each mountain, on foot, over a two week period.


For each featured mountain

  • Every participant who racks up the equivalent trailhead to summit elevation gain over the two week period will earn 1 ticket into the prize drawing
  • Every participant who racks up the equivalent sea to summit elevation gain will earn 2 tickets into the prize drawing
  • Every participant who travels the equivalent mileage around the mountain will earn 1 ticket into the prize drawing (Tahoma/Rainer = 2 tickets)
  • There will be one "grand prize" winner selected by random drawing at the end of the two weeks
  • Elevation can be gained on treadmills, stairs, roads, or trails (only if they are open for access and you are following the safety guidelines outlined below)

To prove your vert (or mileage) you must either

Join the challenges on this website (after you donate) on the first day of whichever mountain challenge you choose. This lets us track your stats for that two week period

For example, for the Loowit challenge, you will join the challenge on Monday 4/13 and we'll track your stats through Sunday 4/26. Then on Monday, 4/27 sign up will begin for the Wy;east challenge to start racking up the vert or miles toward that goal.


Post a picture on social media that includes your vert or mileage stats (Nike Run appp, etc) plus tag all four participating businesses - @daybreakracing, @wyeastwolfpack @territoryrunco, & @trailbutter -- and hashtag #climb4community

Grand Prize Package

  • Original drawing of the features Mountain burned onto a wood plaque
  • Territory Run Co. gift pack (shirt, shoe bag, socks)
  • Daybreak Racing Race Entry
  • Wy'east Wolfpack 10-class Bootcamp Pass (online/virtual or in-person when possible), & Wy'east Wolfpack Hat
  • Trail Butter variety 12pk of single serves & 16oz jar
  • Head For The Hills Trail Running Skills video


Frontline Foods & Family Meal PDX

Mt St. Helens Institute

Urban Gleaners

100% of all proceeds go to charity!


Safety Guidelines

Adapted from CDC guidelines, OUTDOOR ALLIANCE and AMERICAN HIKING SOCIETY messaging.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a very serious, life and death situation. Please conduct yourself in every respect with that in mind. Always follow social distancing guidelines established by the CDC. Adhere to your state and local government restrictions carefully and treat them as a bare minimum.


Group runs are out, and please carpool and exercise only with friends or family who are members of your household. Don’t go out if you’re sick or have been in contact with those who have. Keep a safe distance from others. Avoid busy areas and times of day.


It’s not a good time to get hurt. Healthcare systems are overwhelmed, or very possibly soon will be. Many Search & Rescue organizations are also not operating. Please do not add to the burden. Elective surgeries are likely to be on hold for the foreseeable future, so if you blow out your ACL, you might be in for a long wait.


If park and forest trails are closed, stick to the pavement. If trails are open, be especially mindful of not overcrowding these areas! Find lesser used spots and/or go early or late. Not only does crowding make it impossible to follow social distancing, but it’s not a good example for anyone and puts extra wear and tear on trails and other park infrastructure at a time when volunteer crews cannot be operating.

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